Healing can happen at any time, but certain seasons are more open for healing in specific areas of our lives. There are special things God wants to bring forth in every season that will propel us forward into our destinies.

Healing in the Hebrew Months Series

Three books to help you engage with rhythms of each season.
In part one Leah Lesesne of Captive Thought Therapy sets a foundation of the Biblical significance of each month and the emotional themes to press into. In part two Seneca of Freedom Flowers introduces you to the tribes, stones, gates, and constellations associated with each month. And in part three, Del of Healing Frequencies Music goes deep with the letters associated with each month and the ways she has used the frequencies in the Hebrew letters to make music.

Healing in the Hebrew Months Community

The Healing in the Hebrew Months Facebook group is where you can find community with like minded Christians  that are also pursuing the healing ripe in each Hebrew month.

More Healing in the Hebrew Months

Song of the Month

A new instrumental song and guided activation each month from Healing Frequencies Music. Follows along with the healing themes of each Hebrew month and Del’s book number three in the series.


Join Leah Lesesne, one of the authors of the Healing in the Hebrew Months book series and your podcast host, as we unpack the biblical significance, emotional themes, and prophetic symbols associated with each Hebrew month and how you can apply these insights to your spiritual journey. 

Times & Seasons Box Club

A box club with a new flower essence and piece of jewelry each month from Freedom Flowers. Follows along with the healing themes of each month and Seneca’s book two in the series.

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