Seneca Schurbon

Unmasking Purim

Adar is a season to celebrate the hidden or masked miracles. Adar means “strength” and the associated letter is the kuf, which symbolizes the masquerade. A parallel was drawn in the story of Purim in the book of Esther when a miracle happened and God was not even mentioned. (The root of Esther in Hebrew […]

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Stepping Outside Time

As we’re going through the yearly cycle in Healing in the Hebrew Months, we need to watch that we don’t get too caught up in sticking exclusively to the time tables.  The twelve tribes, each correlating to one of the constellations, camped facing the tabernacle in the four directions. A flag bearing a symbol of

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The Hebrew Zodiac

I’ll try to be brief so that you aren’t overwhelmed with the details, because to do this topic justice, you need a stand-alone book, and several are available on the market. I’ll also include additional comments within each month. We begin in Virgo. Many scholars think the Sphinx is a mnemonic device, which reminds us

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The Gospel in the Stars

When I was beginning to study biblical dream interpretation, I was fascinated with Joseph’s dream of the eleven stars bowing down to him and the resulting resentment of his brothers. They all knew it was about them. Nobody had to come along and unpack that symbolism. They already knew that the constellations represented them. But

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