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Did you know you have a second birthday? Because the Hebrew calendar moves back and forth through the Gregorian Calendar, your Hebrew birthday is a totally different date – and it moves around each year too! You can use this calculator to find out what your birthday is on the Hebrew calendar:

Hebrew Birthday Calculator

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Now that you know your Hebrew birthday, you might be wondering, “Does my birth month mean anything for me personally?” Or “This puts me in a whole different zodiac; what does that say within God’s system?” I like these questions because they’re not fear-based, but I won’t answer them for you. I will, however, help you explore this topic. 

Dr. Christopher Motley is a Christian chiropractor who believes that it does make a difference what time of year you were born. He says embryonic development is affected by celestial and lunar phases, and the gravitational forces on different mineral, ion, and blood composition affect our chemical balance and biochemistry, which correlate to our personalities. Nutrients are transported by the fluids in our bodies (amniotic fluid) similar to the way tides are affected by the moon. This has no real bearing on destiny per astrology but could explain people why born under certain star signs have similar traits.

On one hand, a star announced Jesus’s birth. God showed Abraham that he would be the father of many nations by using the stars. Abraham begat Isaac, who begat Jacob, who fathered the twelve tribes that represent the twelve constellations. 

On the other hand, Jeremiah 10:2 says, “Do not be terrified by the signs of the heavens although the nations are terrified by them.” Some rabbis interpret that to mean that although the stars have influence, God’s people are not subject to these influences. Psalm 19 also tells us that the stars declare the glory of God, and Genesis 1:14 says they are for “signs, seasons, days and years.” Signs is the word ‘outh meaning, “a signal, flag, beacon, monument, omen, evidence, mark, miracle, sign, token.” In other words, there is no indication that they determine your identity. 

Ian Clayton, in his teaching titled, “Mazzaroth,” says that the voice of the stars has been corrupted. He has another teaching, “Untethered,” that walks you through some renunciations and into the court of heaven where you bring the twelve constellations for judgment for what they have been speaking into your life. This is definitely worth doing if you have been involved in astrology in the past, and in any case, you can always benefit from prayer and decrees that only what’s of God gets through to you. 

I have had some experience with stepping out from under the influence of the celestial systems. I had never really given much attention to Mercury in retrograde. ”Other” people always had this problem, and it was a convenient scapegoat for all their glitches and communication issues. When Freedom Flowers started growing and I had to bring on staff, Mercury in retrograde hit us broadside. Customers were repeatedly sent wrong packages, stuff went missing, and we dealt with many misunderstandings and problems with the website, email, and printer. I thought, Gee, this sounds just like Mercury in retrograde. I googled, and sure enough, we were in it. Now, as united staff within Freedom Flowers, we make a point of declaring that we are not participating in the upcoming Mercury in retrograde, but we are here to help the people who are. We have had no problems since then. 

We also see an uptick in customers reaching out a few days to a week prior to the new moon. Experienced flower essence users suddenly forget basic information, such as how to use them, or they need reassurance or permission in their choices. Others just need a lot of hand-holding in various ways. My hypothesis about this is that we subconsciously know a shift is coming, and most people are not comfortable with change. We haven’t felt the need to do new moon renunciations or declare ourselves free of these effects, because we as staff aren’t noticing any new moon effects. We just deal with the secondary issues of being frazzled and our patience being tested from working with so many people who suddenly seem to be regressing. We mark the calendar and know that we need to be taking care of ourselves during those days, allowing more time for everybody, and the struggles will pass in a couple days. Buy us a shot of whiskey if you see us during the last week of a lunar month.

So what about just taking the good parts of astrology and leaving the bad? Well, I think we still need to be careful where our information comes from. We did a little experiment in the Healing in the Hebrew Months Facebook group and looked at the Hebraic data for our birth month to see if it felt accurate. Everybody who reported back could see themes present in that month that ran throughout their life. I, for one, saw my life’s focus and core values in mine. 

To do this, we first ran our date of birth through a Hebrew date calculator, making sure to check the “after sundown” box if we were born in the evening. Some of us found out we were born on Jewish holidays. Some of us found out we were born on a month associated with a different constellation than our secular astrological sign. That gives us our Hebraic birth month, and you can look over the information for that month in this book while thinking in terms of your life rather than just a month in a cycle. 

Remember the three decans that go with each constellation that rise approximately every ten days within that month. You can divide the month into thirds, list the decans in order, (see the “At a Glance” section at the beginning of each chapter)and see which third your birthday falls into for a rough idea of how these might relate to you. 

In the same manner, you can look at the sons of the patriarch of the tribe that corresponds to your month and divide the month by the number of sons. List them in birth order and research the “son in your sign.” 

For example, Nisan means “to move or to start.” That would be me. I procrastinate, but it is never when I start something. I move into action as soon as possible on a matter. Nisan is also known as the month of redemption. I have thought that my life’s work is actually about redemption. I know I do a lot of things, but the chord running through all of it is redeeming what no one will touch so that it’s useful to God’s people. I also have a larger picture of the blood than most people have and know that more revelation will come to me in that area. 

The tribe that corresponds to this month is Gad, which means “good fortune.” I am good with money, and I have enough that I have many options, although that can be taken many ways. Gad’s prophecy was that a troop shall overcome him, but he will triumph at last (Genesis 49:19). Yup, that relates. Moses addresses executing the justice of the Lord. I just received a prophetic word about that prior to doing this exercise. Confirmation already! Then I looked at Gad’s sons and divided them across the month. The one corresponding to me was Ziphion: visionary, seeing what others cannot, and entrepreneurial-minded. Uh-huh. There’s a struggle with the incongruence of vision vs. walking into reality. Sigh. 

The liberation from Egypt happened during Nisan. The decan that was up at that time was Cassopeia, and Frances Rolleston says the principle star means “the freed.” “Whom the son (Aries/lamb) sets free is free indeed.” Oh, and I tend to learn really significant lessons or receive large measures of freedom at Passover.

Your turn if you so choose. I haven’t tracked with the connection between Hebraic birthdates and giftings and callings for long. There might be better ways to research this. I would use the same disclaimer they do in the newspaper section, “for entertainment purposes only.” I would also look at this as confirmation of your true design rather than new direction or insight. Be careful what you allow to define you.

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